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Where did time go?

Good times in the neighborhood?

Okay so...This journal has the potential to be very long. If you're at all interested in reading what's been going on in my life for the past few months, continue reading :)

Relationships, School, Dolls...Collapse )

Okay, that is all for now. More later mayhaps ;)

Shit takes care

You know..

The furry community is something else. I open up commissions for five minutes and already have a list longer than I care to share.

Goods news, money is involved. LOL

This is the shit Ive been doing all day. God have mercy on my soul.

hey look fanart!

So, I drew some fanart today. Feels like it's been ages since I've done any form there of. Granted, it is RO fanart so I guess it doesn't really constitute as such...meh, wtv.

Anyways, My High Priest on iRO Loki. Ragnarok Online...Collapse )

I want to draw some girls.

But I have no girls to draw. I can always draw my friend Andrews scholar...but still. Anyone have a girl character they want doodled? Let me know~

iphone app?

Downloaded the iphone app for well, iPhone obviously. It's interestingly boring and plain. BIG SURPRISE.

Getting this little baby in one month. Her name will be Saddleback Kennel's Catch like Fire Pebbles. Angela, the breeder, wants to cross her intl. CH Duke with her when she gets into her second heat.

I am...so honored. You cannot image. Also- Taylor is amazing and I love him. His ears are being glued right now for the triangle affect.

In other news. At

the_lady_lamb place. We were playing Deadspace and Valkyria Chronicles most the night. Amazing. I love these kids. And WTF Isara dies.


Anyways post more later!!

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Update on Life.

So I guess it's been awhile since I've updated this thing containing actual representations from life. So I guess, I'll just do that then.

Nothing special or note worthy- everyone has their issues with the way their day unfolds but lately...thing's have been rather, well, they could be better.
My two remaining grandparents are in falling health, as in...on their death bed. So there is the suspense of going through every minute of the day...just...waiting to see what happens. Just...expecting that...DREADING, that CALL. I can't take this anymore you know? That will be what...the eighth and ninth persons over the last 6 years in my immediate family to pass away. You know what that leaves me with folks...? Elders Wise? My mom.


More than anything I feel for her. Sigh.

Moving on, I've decided to redirect my life goals. Starting this next semester my Major will be Psychology BS- seeing as how a friend's father is the Director and head of the UC Davis Psych department, it really helps to have connections amirite? Regardless, I think if there is one thing I'm better at in this world than Art it would be to listen and make an appropriate diagnosis of the mind if properly informed. Does that make me tooting my own horn? Does that constitute as the same thing? Anyways.

Other than that- I guess in a material sense I'm doing alright. I miss a lot of my friends and while I can hardly ever get online without being bombarded by IM's- I'm almost growing tired of being followed around at school by a harem of people. |: This excludes Kelly- who's presence is always a hilariously fun adventure.

I miss friend's who miss me. *MIRALOMA SENIORS <3*

Yeah, That's all :) Ciao.

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